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The goal of Buiga-Sunrise-Iceland is to collect donations and work towards supporting the main goal of Sunrise Centre in Banda, Uganda, which is to empower communities through a combination of education, nutrition, healthcare and income generating activities.

Buiga-Sunrise-Iceland was founded by a group of Icelanders following an eye-opening visit to Banda, Uganda in spring 2018. Experiencing a completely different world from one’s own, can truly transform one’s perspective of the world. We wanted to continue making a difference, even when we can’t physically be there to help.

We share Sunrise Centre’s beliefs that every child is a special little person with unique talents and abilities. We work hand in hand with the community to provide children with the opportunity to explore their potential and truly shine!

For further information on the grassroot foundation Sunrise Centre and all of its good dedicated work in Banda please visit:


All donations go fully towards securing operating expenses for keeping the school and the clinic running. For example, a donation of ISK1800 (EUR 13) would cover the yearly cost for one student. Let us work together towards a brighter future! (Possible to choose between 3 possibilities of monthly payment ISK 1800, ISK 3600, ISK 5400)

Your support is very much appreciated!

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Buiga Sunrise Iceland

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